GP - Fiber Optics supplies a wide range of light guides for medical and lighting applications, sensors, signalling and decoration. The light guides are usually manufactured according to customer requirements, a standardization (e. g. starry sky kit) is also possible. Depending on the application, plastic fibres, glass or quartz fibres, 1 to 400-armed, can be used.

The customer should observe the following parameters:

  • Wavelength, light source, illuminant
  • max. temperature range
  • max. length and diameter of the fibre
  • Number of (fibre) arms
  • possible choice of end pieces


  • Plastic fibres in diameters from 0.25 to 3.0mm or bundled fibres with sheathing, optionally endless or on spool
  • Glass fibre bundle in diameters 1.0 to 8.0mm with sheathing, endless or up to 20m
  • diff. Diameter without sheathing up to a max. length of 20m, or endless on spool with sheathing
  • Quartz fibre bundle in diameters 1.0 to 12.0mm, max. length 20m
  • Quartz fibres for UV/IR applications in diameters from 50 to 2,000µKunststoff-Fasern in Durchmessern von 0.25 bis 3.0mm oder Bündelfasern mit Ummantelung, wahlweise endlos oder auf Spule


  • Plastic or silicone hose
  • Metal protection hose: brass, aluminium, stainless steel, with PVC or silicone sheathing
  • Flexible or semi-rigid designKunststoff oder Siliconschlauch


We have a large number of components available for fiber optic cabling. In addition to all standardised connector systems, we also offer fibre optic V24 interfaces and converters.