Neon LEDflex

Neon LEDFlex, is a patented linear system and innovative LED solution. Developed as a replacement for neon systems. Compared to neon, the system is not only easier to install, it can also be cut lengthwise, is extremely flexible and can therefore be used in a variety of ways. In addition to monochrome solutions, the system is also available in RGB and various sizes.

The installation is comparably child's play, further advantages are: Homogeneous and high brightness, no appreciable heat development, energy-saving and a very long service life.

Typ Coil length Cutting distance Power/m LED color Max. operating length
LEDFL-10240V9,1m1,52m4,7WR,Gb,Or58m with 1,6A converter
LEDFL-M- 10240V10,0m0,91m6,6WGn,B,W146m with 4A converter
LEDFL-50240V48,8m1,52m4,7WR,Gb,Or58m with 1,6A converter
LEDFL-M-50240V49,4m0,91m6,6WGn,B,W146m with 4A converter
LEDFL-3024V9,1m0,10m7,1WR,Gb,Or4,8m with 1,6A converter
LEDFL-M-3024V9,1m0,075m7,9WGn,B,W12m with 4A converter
LEDFL-RGB-25240V24,7m0,91m17WRGB120m mit SRC-181/DMX
LEDFL-RGB-2524V24,7m0,075m20,5WRGB10m mit SRC-181/DMX

Finishes, installation, accessories

240V version

RGB controller


Plug molded, splice, coupling, end cap


Cutting, U and mini channel installation

Only cut at the markings!

Straight installation in the U-channel!

Curves installation in mini-channel