LED light source LED-C24W/RGBW IP67


GP LED-C24W.RGBW Hydro is an advanced generator for fiber optic. Using newest technology we provide the best solution for lighting control. Industrial connectors provide quick installation of the entire lighting system. Advantage of GP LED-C24W.RGBW Hydro is generator of warm white light. Generator is specially designed to power fiber optic.


  • Industrial connectors for quick and simple wiring
  • Simple installation
  • Low power consumption
  • High life expectancy
  • Directed light beam, special designed for fiber optics
  • Double thermal protection
  • Number of fiber optic 1000 x 0.75 mm 2
  • Solid housing
  • No colour filters inside
  • Shockproof
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof


  • Accent and Effect Lighting
  • Professional lighting
  • Shop lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Sauna lighting
  • Advanced illuminations
  • Night sky

Technical information:

Parameter Wert
Description:GP LED-C24W.RGB WHydro
Article Number:LW362525C24W.RGBIW P67
Dimension:230,5x135x90,75 mm
Power Supply Type:Constant Current (CC)
Power:25 W
Nominal Current:350 mA each channel
Number of LEDs:6 pcs
Luminous Flux:480lm in red / 706lm in green / 160lm in blue / 720lm in white 4000K
Protection:IP 67
Diameter of Fiber Port:30 mm
Max Ambient Temperature:40°C