LED light source LED-M030W/DMX


The new 30W /DMX GP Fiber Optics LED light source is a high lumen one and can replace old halogen light sources with color wheels. The 30W Led array has been designed and drived and to a lower current to a LED power of around 24W in order to get a silent ligtht source with lower heat and hence requiring no fan. The light source have a digital diplay on the rear side enabling manual control or via industry standard DMX512, 6 channels, incl. dimming A remote RF control is on option available.

Technical information:

Parameter Wert
LED Light source:24 W Led Array
Color temperature 1 or 2:3000K / 6000K
Color temperature & typical Lumen output:3000K-2000lm
Power supply:100-240VAC 50-60Hz (El. Power 30W)
Fan cooling:WITHOUT fan (passive cooling)
Common end for fibers:30mm, for glass or plastic fibers
DMX 512 control:Dimming or strobe
DMX manual setting:via display
DMX connector:RJ45 (master/slave operation)
Operating temperature:-10 +45°C
Protection grade:IP20
Applied standards:CE conform